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With 30 years experience in Government, Dave knows how to get things done.


A COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE THAT IS BRINGING FORTH NEW WAYS OF THINKING ABOUT THE PROBLEMS FACING CALIFORNIANS!   Dave spent 30 years working in the New York State Government ferreting out waste, fraud, and abuse in the NYS Department of Social Services. Dave was also frequently called upon to assist in humanitarian activities such as assisting thousands of Serbian Refugees in the wake of the Bosnian War.  As well as Russian Refugees from the Chechen Wars in the 1990s. Dave has worked on numerous political campaigns, from city council races to Presidential races, Dave has the experience needed to run an effective campaign to defeat the likes of Jim Frazier. Dave relocated to the East Bay roughly 7 years ago following his retirement from government service, when his wife, Amy, accepted a nursing job here in California.  Dave first moved to Discovery Bay and later bought a home in Fairfield.  He currently lives in Fairfield with his wife and their amazing daughter, Sophie.


DAVE MILLER IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR THE 11th DISTRICT! Right now we have someone in office that does not represent our interests. Someone who believes building a train, that won't see its first passenger for over 3 decades, is more important than dealing with our water crisis. We have someone who actually wants to make it easier to increase taxes, he even introduced a Constitutional Amendment to do it! And while Dave's opponent says he believes in people over politics... he doesn't practice what he is preaching. Nothing highlights the fact that he believes in Politics over People more than Mr. Frazier's vote to increase ballot initiative access fees from $200 to $8,000! Which will make it near impossible for groups with limited funds to be able to file and circulate a petition in the attempt to create a law. Dave believes we should make a better choice in who we send to represent our area. Dave will work hard for everyone. Not just a privileged few that have his ear because they donated to him. Dave will work hard for you, but he can only do that if he is elected. So please remember to vote for Dave Miller, the better choice for Assembly District 11.


This is a non-exhaustive list of the people who have endorsed Dave Miller for Assembly!
Tom Del Beccaro Candidate - US Senate, Fmr. CAGOP State Chairman Niger Innis National Spokesman, Congress of Racial Equality Dan Logue Fmr. CA Assemblyman District 3 Rick Amato National television talk show host, talk radio host, columnist, and conservative commentator. David King Congressional Candidate WI-4 Mandy Morello Media Personality, Founder - GOP TRUMPETER Jorge Riley Sacramento Central Committee Arne Simonsen Antioch City Clerk Eduardo Lopez-Reyes Fmr. Republican Liberty Caucus National Vice Chair Don Preston FMR. Solano GOP Chairman Joshua Recade President, Orange County College Republicans Carmella Mantello Fmr. Advisor to Governor George Pataki Ash Mason Senior Advisor, Marco Rubio for President Beth Schoeneberg CSC Talk Radio Sheri Rosen Contra Costa County Jennifer Mixon Contra Costa Business Owner Rod Ferroggiaro Fmr. Solano County GOP Elections Chairman Patrick Shaw Co-Owner Hollywood Film Investors LLC
Michael Steele Fmr. Republican National Committee Chairman Kris "Tanto" Paronto American Hero, Benghazi Warrior Michele Fiore Nevada State Assemblywoman Col. Rick Tubbs COL. USAF, Fmr. Congressional Candidate George Yang Vice President, California College of Republicans Larry Wilske Ret. US Navy Master Chief - SEAL TEAM 7 Carol Meriweather Pruitt President, Pruett Trucking Inc. Richard Schauseil Ret. Commissioner, Monroe County DHS Kathy Arts Ret. District Director Congressman Tom McClintock Robert Kiger Trump for America Cat Moy Fairfield City Councilwoman Josh Bernstein Association of Mature American Citizens Maureen Ennor Rocha California Talk Radio Jason Hopkins San Benito County GOP Central Committee Gary Bradford State of Jefferson Advocate, Elected Director Olivehurst Public Utility District. William Pixley President, Democracy House Paula Yokoyama Nurse Pracititioner Kimberly Lefebvre Hollywood Actress Katie McGuire National Blogger, Right Wing News



Today I am very proud to have been endorsed by the Californians For Life! California Pro-Life Voter Information for November 8th It is incumbent upon

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Right now California has one of the highest electricity costs in the nation due to our mandates on renewable energy.   While renewable sources such as wind and solar are a way to generate electricity, they are very bad at doing it. The argument for them is that once constructed the photo-voltaic cells and wind turbines will “naturally produce energy”.  Unfortunately this is untrue.  Not only do they have extremely high production costs, when measured against their energy generation, but they also require a large amount of maintenance.

 Solar Panels must be regularly cleaned or they lose efficiency and trees around them need to be removed or constantly maintained to ensure no shade covers the panels, wind turbines have to be serviced regularly to make sure they aren’t spinning too fast, or building up too much friction.  And, of course, when the sun is not out, Solar will not work, and when the wind is not blowing at a minimum of 10 miles per hour most Wind Turbines wont spin at all.  In addition most Wind Turbines won’t hit their optimum power output until the wind is blowing at a constant of over 30 miles per hour.

But we have an energy crisis brewing in California and to curb this we should be looking not to renewable, but sustainable, energy sources -yes they are different.  

It would be very easy for us to accomplish this by taking our 2 decommissioned nuclear power plants(San Onofre and Rancho Seco) and retrofitting them to operate as Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) Plants.  Right now they are sitting dormant when they could be producing more electricity than ever before, safer, cleaner, more reliable, and most importantly : Sustainable while at the same time cheaper than Coal.

To Learn More about LFTR Please Click Here.




I believe that California State Legislators are paid too much! Because of that I will take money from my own salary to provide for $1,000 scholarships in each High School graduating class in the district, honoring excellence in Math and Science. Today, and for the past 11 years, California is 50th in the nation in places to succeed in Business; according to CEO Magazine, we must do everything in our power to keep the best and brightest here in California.


Enacting this highly technical piece of Legislation will effectively shut down the Chambers in Sacramento except for special occasions, (like the Governor’s State of the State Message, and other special events.) The benefits include allowing the Legislator to debate and vote from only the confines of his/her District office, using a biometric fingerprint reader, to ensure it’s the Legislator voting, and not a member of his staff. Other benefits include the savings of millions of dollars in state money to pay for staff, Legislator per diems, as well as greatly diminish the ability of special interests and lobbyists to exert influence prior to a vote. This will also allow legislators to be more involved with, and in, their communities and will curb peer shifting.

Propose the California Sacred Trust Act.

This bill will reinforce the public trust in Government for everyone from elected officials to peace officers. It will provide for body cameras for all Police Departments and will institute harsher punishments, including prison time, for any Legislator (State level and Local level) found to be guilty of any felonies or misdemeanors.

Support Kate’s Law

Repeal of AB-4, (passed in October, 2013) and provide a Law with some Mandatory minimum of an additional 20 years for any person, previously deported, that commits any new felony crime. Also forces the lifting of Sanctuary State policy (AB-4) currently in place.


As a taxpayer of this state, I do not want my money paying for the massive number of redundant state employees and departments that we currently have. The current number of California State Employees is just over 227,000 who are grossing an average of $7,400/month according to the State Controller’s Office. California’s problems are structural. It funds over 500 agencies, commissions, and departments, many of which have overlapping functions. The current Government solution has been to “throw money at it” by creating MORE Government agencies, and hire new administrators


“Power Corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely!” Currently HSR is projected to cost $68 Billion in assorted state and federal costs, and is expected to rise before we even get a chance to board it -in 30 years, maybe. We should take that money for a train, that only the politicians want, and put it toward fixing our aging infrastructure and water storage.


Currently 50th in the Nation, for the 11th straight year, according to CEO Magazine. The good news is it can’t get any worse; the bad news is that it won’t get better, so long as the Democrats control Sacramento. The ruling party in Sacramento may not seem to care about that, but by not caring about it, they have proven that they don’t care about you! That disappoints me greatly!!


With moving to a two year vehicle registration system we will save millions of dollars in administrative and opportunity costs for Californians.


Issue free of charge non driver Photo ID’s for qualified individuals, given a 4 year lead time so they don’t have any excuse to not get their ID. The “Free ID” will also help them conduct normal day to day business functions, such as cashing a check, starting a business, opening a bank account, signing a contract, getting documents notarized, et cetera.


We should examine the effects on working families if the State Education Department implemented a three semester, year-round School year,
as opposed to the current two semester school year. This is likely to produce a Major upswing in the quality of learning in California’s failing schools.

Death Penalty Reform

Presently, there are nearly 750 inmates housed in California’s Death Row at San Quentin Prison, north of San Francisco. Those Death Row Inmates, because of the punishment that was handed down to them, are afforded some pretty nice, and unexpected, perks. Among the perks of Death Row are:

-A Publically Financed Appeal system, that given the current state of California executions, could go on, virtually for the life of the inmate, with each Attorney for the prisoner billing the State of California upwards of $300/hour for legal services.

-San Quentin Death Row inmates live in single cells that different than the two bunk regular cell, which is found in many Maximum security facilities. They have better access to both Telephones, and Cell Phones –according to sources within the prison system. They have about the only private accommodations in the state’s 30+ prison network, which today is crammed with over 165,000 inmates.

-Death Row Inmates are served three hot meals a day, in their cells, they can usually all mingle with others in outdoor exercise yards, they are provided snacks, and have exclusive control over the Television, CD player, or other diversions in their cells. Those on Death Row are also allowed nearly unlimited access to cell phones to communicate with their appeal attorneys to, talk about appeal strategy; Legal work all billed out to the State.

In short, Death Row Inmates costs the State of California about $138,000./per inmate/per year. A Normal Life without the possibility of parole inmate costs the State of California around $54,000./year to secure/house/feed/maintain.

My proposal is a simple one. In the interests of Death Penalty advocates, (of which there are many) State wide, Let us propose a new level of incarceration. “Condemned to Die in Prison” (CDP). This would be the new title for all prisoners that are serving consecutive life sentences and Life –without the possibility of parole-, and those that are currently under sentence of Death. All CDP Prisoners will be housed in the general population.

You are reading that correctly. A Republican, running for the State Legislature, wants to abolish the Death Penalty in the state of California. Many people throughout the years have made impassioned pleas for the abolition of Capital Punishment. These almost always center on an argument of Cruel and Unusual Punishment. My issue with it is two-fold: the cost associated with Death Row and the possibility that, if The State of California ever actually brings the Death Penalty back from its current moratorium, an inmate could be put to death and later be exonerated of their crime.

Under the current system that has been in place since 1978 the state has executed 13 prisoners. Another 83 have died while awaiting execution. Currently there are 743 prisoners under of sentence of Death in California. Under my new plan the state of California will see an annual cost savings of over $60 Million.

No possibility of Parole, and no Death Penalty either. A prisoner “condemned to die in prison” will never be able to return to society. Not one of the prisoner’s victims will ever need to worry about that. However the costs of legal assistance, housing, securing, and maintaining the prisoner will drop significantly.

According to a 2014 LA Times article on the matter; When you take into the account the state invests around $9,000/student K-12 annually for their educational needs, and the same State invests anywhere from $54,000-$138,000, annually depending entirely on their sentencing, the choice is an easy one to make!

Still, the abolition of the Death Penalty in California is a tricky issue since it was passed by the voters, in 1978, via the voter-initiative process. As such, it would require a vote of the people to repeal. If elected I will work to get a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on the ballot in my first term in office to abolish the Death Penalty in the State of California and save our state over $60 Million dollars per year. At that point, I will put this issue to a vote of the People of the State of California, that way they can have a hand in how their Government saves money, instead of spends it.


The Constitution of the United States, reinforced by Supreme Court Cases like Heller v. District of Columbia and McDonald v. Chicago as well as lower court cases like Doe v. San Francisco Housing Authority and Peruta v. San Diego, are proof that it is unconstitutional to attempt to ban guns or blanket disallow the issuance of Concealed-Carry Permits.

So, now we have a Lt. Governor attempting to make it harder to buy bullets.

The 2nd Amendment of The Constitution of the United States makes it clear with the verbiage “Shall Not Be Infringed” and yet year after year we see attempts at infringing our gun rights coming from Sacramento. If elected I will fight back against any proposed legislation that seeks to limit our constitutionally guaranteed rights to keep and bear arms.


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